Hi! First of all, thank you for visiting this very much-dedicated webpage that we created to introduce ourselves as a company and, more importantly, as your new friend. Of course, to build that bond of mutual affection, we need more than just a few taglines.

Plante and Laptop

As a so-called sustainable technology startup, we don't want to be sketchy about what we do and what sets Plante apart. Bear with us, we promise it's gonna be inspiring. So, whenever you're ready, let's break the ice!

  1. What Plante Is (& Isn't)
  2. Plante's Bucket List
  3. How Nguyen Got There
  4. What Sustainability Looks Like at Plante
  5. Meet the team
Plante and Laptop

What Plante Is (& Isn’t)

If we got to describe our entrepreneurship idea in a short sentence, we would say: “A sustainable tech company that provides a guidance app and compostable planter kits for aspiring gardeners, regardless of expertise and living environments.” But perhaps, a rigid product-focused description is not viable given Plante’s openness to innovations and willingness to embrace change and explore new opportunities.

Don’t get us wrong; we are not an NGO. Like most companies out there, we need profits to develop our products, expand our scope, and make a life for our team. Nevertheless, we strive to create more value than we can take and produce the most reliable yet affordable products.

Plante is also not a game-changer. We acknowledge how little our environmental and social impact can be. Nevertheless, if it takes 10,000 ethical companies to create a better system for people and the Earth, we are happy to be one.

Plante's Bucket List

Drive a waste-free horticulture revolution.

Drive a waste-free horticulture revolution.

Connect people with nature through encouraging & facilitating home-gardening

Connect people with nature through encouraging & facilitating home-gardening

Set the example of a transparent and responsible company

Set the example of a transparent and responsible company

Plante and Laptop

How Nguyen Got There

You may wonder who Nguyen is. Well, like you, she is a consumer.

But since she wants to be a little extra, she wants our copywriter to introduce herself as a consumer who deeply fell in love with coconut fibre pots and aspires to bring them to every garden. The reason is simple: the guilt she went through when purchasing plants that come with plastic planters, knowing these pots will likely end up in landfills and remain there for hundreds of years.

She is also an enthusiast who strongly advocates normalising gardening as a daily habit. With all that combined, Nguyen started Plante.

The last two years of her and Plante’s team have been full of ups and downs - sometimes we win pitches, sometimes we lose, sometimes we get rejected by investors, and sometimes we receive pre-seed grants. Plante is far from a perfect company, but we are continuously learning and evolving. This is why we ask you to judge us on our actions and products - what we work on to contribute to humanity and the planet.

What Sustainability Looks Like at Plante

Plante and Laptop

We genuinely mean it when we say our products are ‘100% compostable’.

We only use coconut fibre (coir) to create our pots. Unlike petroleum-based plastics, which contribute to the build-up of non-biodegradable waste in landfills, coir pots break down naturally with the help of sunlight, moisture, and microorganisms. As the fibres break down, they become a nutrient-rich organic matter that can easily be incorporated into the soil, enhancing it and promoting plant growth.

At Plante, making an environmentally responsible choice does not compromise functional performance. This is why we put in so much effort to create an alternative to plastic pots that is equal or better. Our lightweight pot has excellent water-retention properties, which help regulate soil temperature and promote healthy root growth due to its airy and hydrophilic nature.

We are also mindful of our choice of suppliers and have chosen to partner with local farmers and artisans from Ben Tre, the coconut kingdom of Vietnam. As a team of proud young Vietnamese people, Plante is committed to providing a steady market for coco coir crafts, a promising industry given the growing demand for eco-friendly products globally. We believe economic opportunities and sustainable development can go hand-in-hand if done correctly.
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We acknowledge and respect the Traditional Custodians of the land and waters of Australia, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, and pay our respects to all Ancestors, Elders, and Families - past, present, and emerging.